3. The Centers and Kundalini

As stated, it is not possible to impart much about kundalini, or the serpent fire. It might be of value, however, briefly to enumerate what has been said:

Kundalini lies at the base of the spine, and, in the normal average man, its main function is the vitalization of the body.

Kundalini makes three at-one-ments during the period of evolution:

With the radiatory fires of the body or prana at a point between the shoulder blades.

With the fires of mind at a point at the very top of the spine, in the center of the back part of the throat.

With the fire of Spirit at the point where these two united fires of matter and of mind issue from the top of the head.

Each of the three channels within the spinal column have for specific purpose the blending of these threefold fires…

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